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Before the web, organizations had only two significant options: Buy expensive advertising or get third party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules. The digital space has opened a tremendous opportunity to reach niche buyers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big-budget advertising costs.”
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Inbound Marketing in Healthcare

The Opa-citi Designs Healthcare Marketing division was founded on the belief that the way people find information about medical products and services has fundamentally changed as a result of technology, and therefore, the way people are marketed to must also change.

We have created inbound marketing processes which focuses on creating quality online content that answers questions and pulls people toward your practice, where they naturally want to be.

Planning and executing all of your online marketing efforts is a big task. From attracting visitors, publishing content, and ranking higher in search engines, its a lot to take on.

That’s where we can help. Click below to schedule your Free call to discuss the challenges your business is facing, the goals you’re currently working towards, and how Opa-citi Designs can help you get there.

Attract and convert website visitors into patients

You sell products and services in the healthcare sector, one notoriously known to be hard to penetrate. But instead of trying to break down this vertical’s formidable walls, what if you were able to pull highly targeted prospects to your website so that you could then wow them with information that shows how your offerings will help patient, or make a hospital or practice run better, or improve patient experiences and outcomes?

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