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Small Business Growth Website

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Flexible Website Design For Established SMBs

Just because you’re labeled a small business doesn’t mean you are small. SMB’s have to be flexible, and so should your website.
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I have a small team that makes up my business. I have a small sales staff. I do have a team member dedicated to marketing my business. We consider ourselves SEO conscious and somewhat crafty when it comes to online marketing.

I need a website that ranks better and makes it easier for my marketing guy/girl to execute our marketing initiatives.


Depending on your size and marketing bandwidth, a custom design solution may or may not be in your best interest.

You’re in the grey-zone here, so our first line of action is to determine what solution would be best for you.


Your strategy and marketing are more important than anything design alone could provide. So, we’ll spend the majority of our time building your strategy and crafting your content.

If your marketing and business product offering would benefit from a custom design, that will be part of our process, if not, then we will help you select, edit, and launch a professional pre-built WordPress theme that will be a perfect fit for your customers and marketing strategy.

What Is Included In My Package?

A list of what we will cover in delivering a solution that is right for your business.

You can view our full website design process to understand why our approach is different. And if you have question we have tried to answer them on our FAQ page.


Competitor Analysis

  • Research your online competition’s SEO and PPC

Customer Persona

  • Research and define your target customer expectations

Industry Research

  • Research your industry’s current online trends

Online Goal Strategy

  • Analyze research to guide methodology to achieve your online goals


Keyword Research

  • Discover and define your keyword landscape

Content Consultation

  • Advice and light assistance in optimizing your content

Content Generation (Professional Copywriting)

  • A more in-depth level of assistance in content generation

Conversion Optimized Headlines

  • Creating headlines for emotional triggers with simple clarity

Rich Organic SEO Keyword Content

  • Integrating your keyword strategy into your individual website pages

Site Mapping – Site Architecture

  • Defining the user-flow from entry point to conversion

Design and Code

WordPress Theme

  • Assistance selecting, integrating and modifying a pre-built theme solution that passes all professional requirements meeting industry standards

Custom Graphics

  • Branded images designed to aid in messaging

Photography (Stock)

  • Professional stock photography included into project fee

Social Channel Graphic Package

  • Profile, hero panel, and background images for your social profiles

Modern Browser Testing

  • Ensuring your website works great in all modern evergreen browsers


Hosting & Domain Account Services

  • Assisting the purchase and setup of 3rd party hosting account. We use Gridhost to host our website.

Email Account Services

  • Assisting the migration of mx records if email hosting is changed

Google Analytics Integration

  • Integrating Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager and verifying Google Search Console

Event Tracking Setup

  • Creating custom tags and triggers within Google Tag Manager for more in-depth analytics

Analytics Consultation

  • Introduction to Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console

SEO Consultation

  • Introduction to SEO best practices and recommendations

Conversion Tracking (Adwords) Integration

  • Integrating your Adwords Conversion Tracking needs through Google Tag Manager

In Person Meetings

  • We can only meet in selected areas within Gauteng.

Telephone Support

  • Consultations and meetings over the phone or with video chat (google hangout or Whatsapp VideoCall)

3rd Party App Integrations

  • Depends on the 3rd party app. This includes plugins for extra functionality

45 Day Support (After Launch Date)

  • Consultations and website assistance included