Redesign my website for more leads

How can a website help me get more leads for less?

You’re doing everything you can, but your lead-gen just won’t grow. You’ve stalled. You’re stuck on a plateau.

There is no easy BUTTON to getting more leads


To get more leads, you need to understand what your prospects actually want. You gotta step across the aisle and put on their shoes.

It’s easy to be so lead driven that you forget about actually adding value to the prospect. Why are they even online in the first place? What problem are they trying to solve and how hard of a time are they having trying to do just that?


Get a website that generates more leads, continually!

To turn your prospects into leads and eventually customers, you need a website that understands who is coming to your website, why, and how they got to you.

Who is coming to your website?

Do you know who is coming to your website? Let’s forget about the noise and focus on your preferred customer. Do you know who that is?

What do they care about? What problem do they have and what do they need to solve their problem?

What You Need:

You need to identify your preferred customer base and build out a detailed set of customer personas. Who are they? What is their problem? What obstacles are in their way?

The Reason:

When you get in the shoes of your customer, you’ll understand their perspective. When you understand their perspective, you can generate a valuable interaction.

Why are they even online?

There is a progression of discovery, research and consideration when a prospect is trying to solve a problem.

What stage is the prospect in when they arrive on your website? Are you being sensitive to that? Or, is every lead a “close them now” lead, regardless of where they are in in the process?

What You Need:

You need to map out the buyer’s journey for your customer personas. Define where your prospects are when they arrive on your website and identify what content offers and call-to-actions will be engaging.

The Reason:

Trying to close a prospect who is in the early stages of discovery is a sure fire way to scare them away for good. But, if you cater to the prospect’s current buyer’s position, you can become a trusted guide and be first in-line when it comes to their decision time.

How did they get to you?

How did a prospect get to your website? Did they arrive from an organic search? Did they click on an ad from a long-tail keyword search? Did they click on a Facebook ad? Were they referred from a partner channel?

Knowing what came before is THE difference maker. You can’t afford to miss the context.

What You Need:

You need to analyze your traffic sources and the context in which someone is delivered to your website. Look at your referral sources, user intent from keyword searches, related search queries, etc…

The Reason:

When you know the context in which someone is arriving at your website, you can tailor your entry points. You’ll be able to create custom landing pages with hyper-relevant content offers – increasing overall engagement and making the user experience infinitely more valuable.

So, what’s the big take-away?

Getting a website that is a lead-gen tool requires a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Once you know who is coming to your website, how they got there, and what they care about, you can build out a tailored experience that naturally progresses a visitor into a customer.

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