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5 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

5 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Healthcare Organizations Search Engine Marketing can help your healthcare organization show up for relevant search queries. When using SEO and SEM techniques, you will increase the chances of your website’s visibility in search results. The goal is to be found on Google for the right search queries related […]

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Does Your Business Strategy Include Website Planning Process?

Your Business Strategy Must Include Website Planning Process For Better Marketing To improve your business and increase sales, you should take some time to focus on your website strategy. After all your website is your marketing hub. How it is structured and the contents should be placed in a way that is appealing and helpful […]

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The Process To A Successful Website Redesign

It is not an easy decision for some companies to consider a website redesign as they have already invested a lot of money in getting their website online. Many businesses fail to realize that a website is not just a 5 page brochure of your business. You hired the first cheapest guy to design your […]

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Effective Ways Doctors Can Retain Patients

The most effective ways Doctors can retain patients to their medical practices is by making their routines and procedures simple to make life easy for patients. The patient experience begins with an instant demerit. People who need an appointment are already dealing with a measure of stress. And medical providers should not make it difficult […]

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What Makes A Really Good Website?

When it comes to building a good website, it seems like almost anyone can make their own these days with online website building tools like WIX. But what some people don’t understand is that not only having an attractive website is a must, but how your website functions and works as a marketing tool for […]

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO. A lot of people ignore it. Have you heard of it? Do you know what it is? What does it really do? Does my business need it? Here at Opa-citi Designs, we’re always searching for new ways to get the most out of local SEO efforts. The industry is constantly changing and there […]

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Online Advertising For Your Business – Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords

Google and Facebook dominate the online advertising space. At Opa-citi Designs, we want to help our clients make the most of their advertising budget, so it’s important for us to understand which network is the best way to reach customers. The truth is – there’s not one right answer. However, it’s important to understand the […]

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10 Myths Why Medical Practitioners Don’t Advertise

Why medical practitioners don’t advertise their medical practices is surrounded by myths. Wrote a Marketing Research paper last year as part of a Marketing Project at UNISA. The topic which was presented was Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Providers in the Gauteng Province. In the research it was discovered that a lot of the doctors and […]

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Your Manufacturing Company Needs This 5 Leads Gen Strategies To Succeed

The 5 Lead Generation Strategies for Manufacturers we advise all manufacturers to spend their marketing money on to generate more leads through their website. Marketing budgets are always a sensitive topic—particularly for manufacturers who depend on a pipeline of projects that can retreat and flow throughout the seasons. During revenue downturns, it seems as though […]

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5 Steps To Follow Before Designing a Lead Gen Website

You might have been told that your business needs a lead gen website. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why and how it should be done? For your website to assist in capturing sales you need to think about your website visitors more than you think about your business and products. The way you […]

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