Is Your Manufacturing Company Ready For Inbound Marketing?

Opaciti-industry-manufacturingManufactures everywhere are looking to evolve their organisation as their aging sales force is replaced by the younger generation. Manufactures also report that their target audience is evolving because millennials are playing a larger role in the purchasing and engineering process.

Let’s face it, millennial buyers are different..

However, it turns out that most prospective industrial buyers today are changing the way they buy. They want to conduct their research online and with industry peers. They identify their problem, find a solution and look for appropriate vendors-all without engaging directly with companies.

HubSpot reports that purchasers don’t even engage with a salesperson until they are 70% of the way through the evaluation process.

So, what’s a manufacturer to do?

Inbound marketing for manufactures is about providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Doing so demonstrates that your company is a viable solution to their need and generates interest.

Think of your inbound marketing solution as being a new inside marketing and sales team (not one that replaces the ones you already have, but one that adds to what you already do). Once inbound digital marketing efforts have generated interest and the prospect has identified himself, your staff’s sales process should seamlessly take over.

This new marketing process engages with prospects once they’re ready to have a conversation. It offers an efficient system that utilizes the best aspects of people and digital tools to speak to all generations.

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Opa-citi Designs has the capability and expertise to assist your Manufacturing company to develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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