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Use Social Media Marketing To Increaee Your Audiences

They say practice what you preach. I decided to run a page promotion campaign on Facebook for the opa-citi page I set a very low budget, R40 per day. Since Monday I am seeing the results as I am getting real targeted responses. Although because of the low budget the responses are coming in like dripping water from a tap. So just imagine if I had a budget of let say R100 per day, it means that I will get high targeted responses.

And here you are asking yourself how does big companies do it? Well obviously they have a million rand budget just for digital marketing. What does poor me and you do under such a low budget restraint.

Well it is simple I had discovered a cost effective way to compete with big companies for the same audiences. You are working with a low budget so you that low budget to bet small amount like i just did. Although you must be a very patient person. While running that campaign you must post contents that are relevant to your target market and you need to keep them interested in what you have to offer them.

Remember not to be selfish and only talk about you. Social media is actually for your audience so you need to solve their problems and do less selling.

Looking for a Social Media Marketing Coordinator for your business?
Contact me on [email protected]

I will help your business increase its online presence and attract more of your customers to your social media pages.

You need a social media coordinator to keep the people who like your business interested in your business offerings. So as your social media marketing coordinator I will update your business social media account with fresh relevant contents that will boost engagement from your audiences.