I want my Website to Rank Better

Will a new website help me rank better on Google?


The short answer:
Yes, a new website can help you rank better.

The long answer: It's a little more complicated.


Before you run-off to a designer to build you a new website, it’s imperative that you understand how Google is indexing and ranking your current website.

The last thing you want to do is overhaul sections or pages that Google has considered to be some of your most valuable content. You could wind up erasing more than just a piece of content.

Let me ask you this, did the look of their website ever come into consideration when you chose your service provider? Odds are you bought the service for its value despite its aesthetic.


Get a website that ranks better out of the gate and will continue to climb the SEO ladder

You need a website that has a sound technical SEO base with a content marketing plan for growth.

What is currently working?

Your website already has SEO equity built up. Whether you’ve invested in SEO or not, just by being online, Google has already started to place a rank value on every one of your web pages.

Do you know what keywords you’re ranking for or what pages other websites are linking to? You want to optimize these metrics and build bigger and better things off of them.

What You Need:

You need to know what SEO equity you already have, where it’s coming from, and what it’s doing for you. You need to evaluate your current backlinks, keywords, referring domains and your most popular content.

The Reason:

If you don’t know what’s already working, then you WILL cause a considerable amount of damage. You DO NOT want to hurt your current rankings. You want to make them better.

You are in a competition!

Just because you’re on the first page of Google for a set of keywords today, doesn’t mean you’ll be there next month. If your competitors are doing a better job, they will take your spot.

Ranking well in Google is a never-ending process, but a well-built website should help make it easier.

The first step in competing is identifying what SEO value your competitors have. Knowing what they’re doing will give your new website a leg up on them.

What You Need:

Just like your own SEO analysis, you need to know what SEO equity your competitors have. Research their backlink profile, ranked keyword library, and their most popular content.

The Reason:

Identifying your competitors wins will help you build a new website and develop a long-term strategy that can surpass their current efforts.

Your website is for humans.

It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole when working with SEO, but ultimately, your website is for humans.

If you fail to understand who your site visitors are, what they care about, and what resonates with them, then your website will largely be irrelevant to them.

Google is incredibly perceptive in discovering when humans don’t find value in a website. Disappoint your human readers, and Google will respond in kind.

What You Need:

You need to dig deep and truly understand what makes your site visitors and customers tick. Develop a robust set of customer personas and map out each personas buyer’s journey.

The Reason:

If you don’t know what’s already working, then you WILL cause a considerable amount of damage. You DO NOT want to hurt your current rankings. You want to make them better.

So, what’s the big take-away?

Your new website should drive more revenue to your business and make you more efficient and effective in your marketing initiatives.

It’s not easy. It’s not simple. But, neither was getting your business to where it is today. Right?

I am interested in getting a new website?